The number one reason why we hate having pests around is the disease they carry. Rodents, insects and others carry germs and bacteria with them. Once when we get contact with us, they can cause us allergic reactions or infections. So if you notice that there are pests lurking around your house, immediately contact a pest control company Texas 

Pest Infestation

The removal of the pest isn’t only about getting rid of the insects and rodents that might harm us, it’s also about creating a safer and healthier environment for us to live on. Most of the pests can cause us danger, so we have to make sure that it doesn’t happen to our family. So we’ll share with you the hazards caused by pest infestation so you’d be more aware of what they can do.  

Food Contamination 

Pests are attracted to either the potential of shelter or foods. So they always roam around people’s property to scavenge for food. Once they get in contact with the food we eat, we are in risk of getting salmonella, dysentery and gastroenteritis. The common sources of these diseases are mice, flies and roaches. The disease might lead to dehydration, intestinal tract problems and other symptoms of pain.  


Hantavirus is a type of virus that comes from the droppings of rodents and mice, or particles from their urine and feces. This virus can cause respiratory problems and fever, which could be very fatal if the situation’s already worse. It’s very problematic if you catch this virus, and you have to be aware of the symptoms they show.  

Asthma/Respiratory Problems 

People who have asthma and other respiratory diseases are most likely to get affected by the germs and bacteria that pests bring. Anything could trigger the conditions of these people, especially if they have allergies. Carcasses and roach droppings are known to release a protein that could trigger asthma attacks. So if there is infestation, these people would likely to be very affected.  


This is a bacterial disease that’s caused by rodents. They can cause a basic fever, which is one of the mildest effects. But in severe cases, they could be as worse as brain swelling, liver and kidney failure, and even death. The two major causes of such disease are urine and feces of rodents. People most likely to get such disease when they get contact with the flood water, which is already infected with the urine and feces.  

West Nile Virus 

Another disease that could affect our health is West Nile virus. It can be transmitted through mosquitoes, which could be very fatal and can cause death. Mosquitoes quickly multiply, so you wouldn’t know when you’re going to be bitten. Once you are infected with such, your health is at risk. That’s why if you spot a lot of mosquitoes around your property; you should immediately call a pest control company.  

These diseases should be of your concern. Your house should be maintained well, so the infestation can be avoided.