Tree services or projects are sometimes too dangerous a task, especially if the tree is at its full height. It is also not easy dealing and taking care of trees because of, they too, are vulnerable beings, and without proper knowledge, you can deal more harm than help.

The reason of hazard and the need of expertise in dealing with trees is why we have to hire professional help. The problem now is how to select an excellent professional tree service among the many companies out there. Select a good company by following and taking in this list of considerations before hiring a professional tree service.

Tree Service

1. Are they licensed and insured?

The first thing you should consider and ask for a tree service company is if they are licensed and insured. Ask them upfront about it, because you would not want to deal with people that are operating illegally.

A license ensures you that their workers are trained and informed, and their tools and machines are approved by safety standards. Additionally, an insured company takes liability when there is damage to your or other’s property while they are doing their work.

2. Ask about the credentials of their People.

The ability of the company is only as good as their people, so if you are choosing between two companies, choose the one who was better people. To know this, ask for certificates of their employees, ask if they have a certified arborist or tree care professionals.

3. They can confidently provide References

What better way to determine if the company performs well than to ask their previous costumers about their performance. A good company will confidently provide you references, like those of tree services Portland Or. Make sure that the list they provide is new; you want up to date information and not works of years ago.

4. Can provide Cost Estimates

One marker of a good company is if they can provide accurate cost estimates. If they do, this means that they are expert enough to instantly predict the possible costs before the project even starts. Furthermore, they are honest enough and are not trying to rip your money off by not giving an estimate and giving you with a bloated bill.

5. Ask about how they will approach the project

You have to ask and be aware on how would tree service company deal with the project. You don’t want to be caught off guard when the workers trudge along your lawn bringing heavy tools and machines that might damage some of your property. Interact with them and also provide them necessary knowledge about your property so that they can avoid damaging things like your sprinkler system.

6. They have excellent Customer Service

Aside from their main work of maintaining or fixing your tree, one consideration you also have to take is how they treat you and if they exude professionalism and good customer relation practices. A good company listens to you, and have a genuine concern about your problems and also your tree.